Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Q: Who would be crazy enough to make dmx dance to Alphabeat?

A: Hippomothamus

Ever since I started playing around with putting videos to my music I wanted to remix these 2 songs, mainly due to the fact alphabeat clearly stole the video idea for fascination from busta's touch it (remix)

This was the first time using premiere pro that I actually did some things. Normally I just go in, slap the 2 vids together, and upload it. This involved some lovely cropping and some nicely timed cuts between the two videos. The remix its self is pretty poor. Especially dmx's part, how ever he makes up for it with his dancing at 4:15. It's also making use of the lovely new widescreen feature on youtube, a feature I've yet to use (mainly because I couldn't crop my other videos).

Peep it below, or watch here and get it in lovely widescreen and stuffs.

Hippomothamus - Touch it (Remix) / Fascination (Busta Rhymes / Alphabeat mash): Download [mp3]

[edit: URL for download fixed]

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Got bebo?

Yes, I know its lame, but I use it ok?

Anyway if you do happen to have the aol run social network then you may just want to spruce up your page with a rather lovely hippomothamus skin (you'll need to be logged into bebo).

Whilst your at it you can also become a fan of my bebo music page (despite it being a page I cant update with music any more due to something called "copyright infringement").

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My third Ting Tings remix video. (Featuring common)

Here's the third video for a track of my ting tings mixtape. The previous two can be seen here. This one features "shut up and let me go" mixed with commons "go" (if you're thinking I planned to have the go connection, then you're giving me way to much credit. Purely a mistake).

Hippomothamus - Go / Shut up and let me go (Ting Tings/Common mash) [youtube]

Thursday, 25 September 2008

My new reckoner remix

So radiohead released all the separate parts that make up the song reckoner for people to remix. So I did. I only used parts from the song. No other drums and samples etc. All radiohead.

I think I delved deep into my soul and found my inner DJ Shadow for this one.

You can hear and vote for it below. I don't actually win anything, but the website radioheadremix.com ranks them by votes so if you enjoy it feel free to hit the little plus sign. Thanks.

Note: This has no connection to my rhyming in rainbows mixtape.

Hippomothamus - Reckoner (Radiohead Remix): Download [mp3]

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Two new ting tings mixtape videos

Here's two video's I've slapped together for tracks off my ting tings mixtape. The first is eminem's "cleaning out my closet" mixed with The Ting Tings' "Thats not my name" and the second is the beastie boys' "ch-check it out" mixed with The Ting Tings "Great DJ".

Hippomothamus - Cleanin' Out My Closet / That's Not My Name (Ting Tings/Eminem mash) [youtube]

Hippomothamus - Ch-Check It Out / Great DJ (Ting Tings/Beastie Boys mash) [youtube]

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix) [mp3]

Well after many request for me to release the mp3 for my 99 problems/wonderwall remix I've finally decided to do it. I'd rather of waited until the cd was finished but it seems people want it so much they'd use a crappy youtube-to-mp3 coverter to get the track and I'd rather have you listening to a high quality version, so here you go.

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix): Download [mp3]

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (Oasis remix)

Second track for Jay-z/Oasis mixtape. This stuffs taking a lot longer than planned :\

Change Clothes mixed with Don't look back in anger.

Note: The intro beat is a little fucked up for some reason, didn't convert to well to youtube.

Edit: The video has been removed from this page as Universal Media Group has made a copyright claim on it. As such it gives them the rights to disallow people the ability to embed the videos on other websites. You can still see the video at the link below, you just can't put it on your bebos and your myspaces etc :(

Edit 2: It seems I forgot to upload the mp3 for this track so its here now

Hippomothamus - Change Clothes / Don't look back in anger (Jay-Z/Oasis remix) [youtube]

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (Oasis remix): Download [mp3]

Monday, 30 June 2008

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix)

So I had this idea whilst waiting for jay-z to come on stage at Glastonbury. Essentially it was going to be a reference to the whole situation with Noel Gallagher claiming that hip-hop shouldn't be aloud at Glastonbury and generally being an ignorant tool.

I had the idea of mixing Wonderwall with 99 Problems for shits and giggles, and then considered doing a little remix ep (which I think I will). Then jay comes out and does a cover of Wonderwall and follows it with 99 problems, figures. Now my slightly original idea lost its originality.

Anyways, here it is. Stay tuned for more tracks, maybe.

Also, note, this was my first attempt at remixing with video.

Hippomothamus - 99 Problems / Wonderwall (Jay-Z/Oasis remix) [youtube]

Edit: MP3 available here

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

We Started Mashing (The Ting Tings Mashup)


I'm back with my first mixtape since "rhyming in rainbows". I must say I was slightly overwhelmed by the reviews and what not it got. Seeing people talk about something I created and showing their appreciation's for my work was a real confidence booster. So I'd like to say thanks to people such as wonky_blog, Boom Bap Hip Hop and Oh, Warfair & Therapy to name a few.

But yeah, the ting tings. So I'd heard their song "Great DJ" quite a bit and had started to hear "That's not my name. At first I was a bit iffy with them but their rather 'unique' sound found its way in to my head. I was at a party a couple weeks back where a friend stuck on their album, "We Started Nothing". As I sat their listening to the album (a lot of which is instrumental) I thought to my self "meh, I could mash up this album". So I did.

Now I must say that this is in no way a Rhyming in Rainbows 2: Electric Boogaloo or anything. I put a lot of work into that mixtape where as this project was, for the most part, just cutting loops and laying the raps over them. But that doesn't mean its a bad mixtape, 'cause it aint. But that's just my opinion... So yeah. The ting tings.....mashed up....with common, mos def, beasties etc etc bla bla. Download and preview below.

Hippomothamus - We Started Mashing: Download [.zip]
Hippomothamus - We Started Mashing: Download [.torrent]

Ch-Check It Out + Great DJ

Cleanin' Out My Closet + Thats Not My Name

Two Words + Fruit Machine

Larry Lessig + Traffic Lights (Interlude)

Go + Shut Up And Let Me Go

The Corner + Keep Your Head

It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop + Be The One

Make You Feel That Way + We Walk

Clothes Off + Impacilla Carpisung

All Lifestyles + We Started Nothing

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Soul'd Out

So you've downloaded my rhyming in rainbows mixtape and all my other wonderful remixes, right? And now your asking "how can I show my love for this fantastic human being", right? Well lucky for you I have an answer. T-shirts and hoodies, duh.

You can pick-up a variety of items in a variety of colours for a variety of sexes (....ok, there's only 2) featuring the hippomothamus logo over at Afternoon Tees at delightfully low prices. The site itself is still in its early stages of development but it already has a handful of fabulous designs on it so feel free to check them out too.

Below is a handful of items with the logo on them.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Muck Ficrosoft

I knew it....

So I recently bought an xbox 360 off ebay for £300 with 7 games. I was going to hold out a few more months as I was only really waiting for gta IV to drop. I also thought it would be best to wait in case there was a price drop, but I figured there probably wouldn't be. Plus I had some money burning in my pocket. So I bought one. imagine my delight as I'm on the digg home page and I see the title Confirmed: Xbox 360 Price-Cut, Now Cheaper Than Wii. Awesome.

Meh, at least its made the past few weeks rather enjoyable. I'm currently playing skate and burnout the most. If you want to beat me at either of them feel free to add me. My gamertag is, surprisingly, hippomothamus. Incidental, I just finished an on-line session on burnout and found enjoyment in 2 guys (Canadians, I believe) trying to pronounce my name. On one of the races I won one of them even made reference to me being a "Hungry Hungry Hippo"

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Chubby Chaser Remix

So I was contacted a few weeks ago on myspace by a rapper called D-Form. He said he heard my "In Rainbows" mixtape (unlike most of my friends...) and loved it. He said he was part of a group called the "chubby chasers" and asked if I was interested in remixing any of their tracks. I was. This gave me an opportunity to use a sample I'd been wanting to use since I first heard it.

Stay tuned for more, maybe.

The Chubby Chasers - Chubby Chaser Nation (Hippomothamus Remix): Download [mp3]