Tuesday, 10 June 2008

We Started Mashing (The Ting Tings Mashup)


I'm back with my first mixtape since "rhyming in rainbows". I must say I was slightly overwhelmed by the reviews and what not it got. Seeing people talk about something I created and showing their appreciation's for my work was a real confidence booster. So I'd like to say thanks to people such as wonky_blog, Boom Bap Hip Hop and Oh, Warfair & Therapy to name a few.

But yeah, the ting tings. So I'd heard their song "Great DJ" quite a bit and had started to hear "That's not my name. At first I was a bit iffy with them but their rather 'unique' sound found its way in to my head. I was at a party a couple weeks back where a friend stuck on their album, "We Started Nothing". As I sat their listening to the album (a lot of which is instrumental) I thought to my self "meh, I could mash up this album". So I did.

Now I must say that this is in no way a Rhyming in Rainbows 2: Electric Boogaloo or anything. I put a lot of work into that mixtape where as this project was, for the most part, just cutting loops and laying the raps over them. But that doesn't mean its a bad mixtape, 'cause it aint. But that's just my opinion... So yeah. The ting tings.....mashed up....with common, mos def, beasties etc etc bla bla. Download and preview below.

Hippomothamus - We Started Mashing: Download [.zip]
Hippomothamus - We Started Mashing: Download [.torrent]

Ch-Check It Out + Great DJ

Cleanin' Out My Closet + Thats Not My Name

Two Words + Fruit Machine

Larry Lessig + Traffic Lights (Interlude)

Go + Shut Up And Let Me Go

The Corner + Keep Your Head

It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop + Be The One

Make You Feel That Way + We Walk

Clothes Off + Impacilla Carpisung

All Lifestyles + We Started Nothing


  1. ssssssgooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  2. I found This by random.
    And had certainly brightened up
    my friday!
    Weren't to sure about
    the Kanye's two words one though...

    But Still, Insane mash ups!!!

    You should listen to Foals' Album
    Antidotes. see if you could make anything out of that.

    Loving We Started Mashing!
    Downloading it NOW!

    Jon Muru

  3. Serge Gainsbourg over Boom boom satellites "seven ignitions"? I can hear it.

  4. the whole album is great!

  5. Found this by accident because that song got stuck in my head & man was a surprised to find your album - just perfect & I don't even care for mashups. Great work & really a perfect compliment to bring out the best of cool beats/vocals with such good ear for laying some great rap over it all. Really a great job man. Thanks

  6. Do You Have The Instrumentals For We Started Nothing?

  7. The only instrumental I had was "thats not my name".....I think. The rest where just cutting bits and pieces out of the tracks

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