Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Two new ting tings mixtape videos

Here's two video's I've slapped together for tracks off my ting tings mixtape. The first is eminem's "cleaning out my closet" mixed with The Ting Tings' "Thats not my name" and the second is the beastie boys' "ch-check it out" mixed with The Ting Tings "Great DJ".

Hippomothamus - Cleanin' Out My Closet / That's Not My Name (Ting Tings/Eminem mash) [youtube]

Hippomothamus - Ch-Check It Out / Great DJ (Ting Tings/Beastie Boys mash) [youtube]

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix) [mp3]

Well after many request for me to release the mp3 for my 99 problems/wonderwall remix I've finally decided to do it. I'd rather of waited until the cd was finished but it seems people want it so much they'd use a crappy youtube-to-mp3 coverter to get the track and I'd rather have you listening to a high quality version, so here you go.

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix): Download [mp3]

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (Oasis remix)

Second track for Jay-z/Oasis mixtape. This stuffs taking a lot longer than planned :\

Change Clothes mixed with Don't look back in anger.

Note: The intro beat is a little fucked up for some reason, didn't convert to well to youtube.

Edit: The video has been removed from this page as Universal Media Group has made a copyright claim on it. As such it gives them the rights to disallow people the ability to embed the videos on other websites. You can still see the video at the link below, you just can't put it on your bebos and your myspaces etc :(

Edit 2: It seems I forgot to upload the mp3 for this track so its here now

Hippomothamus - Change Clothes / Don't look back in anger (Jay-Z/Oasis remix) [youtube]

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (Oasis remix): Download [mp3]