Thursday, 20 November 2008

Got bebo?

Yes, I know its lame, but I use it ok?

Anyway if you do happen to have the aol run social network then you may just want to spruce up your page with a rather lovely hippomothamus skin (you'll need to be logged into bebo).

Whilst your at it you can also become a fan of my bebo music page (despite it being a page I cant update with music any more due to something called "copyright infringement").

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My third Ting Tings remix video. (Featuring common)

Here's the third video for a track of my ting tings mixtape. The previous two can be seen here. This one features "shut up and let me go" mixed with commons "go" (if you're thinking I planned to have the go connection, then you're giving me way to much credit. Purely a mistake).

Hippomothamus - Go / Shut up and let me go (Ting Tings/Common mash) [youtube]