Sunday, 21 February 2010

Rage Against Florence and the Machine

So I know I've said a few times that I'm going to cut back on making mashups. But sometimes, when I'm in the shower, an idea comes to me that I find so funny I have to do it. So I made my busta rhymes/alphabeat mashup based solely on the fact the videos sort of looked alike but this mashup was made just because of the name. It mixes Rage Against the Machine with Florence and the Machine. Rage Against Florence and the Machine. Clever huh.

The song its self is sort of like a night with me. Seems like it could be a good idea but feels very dirty and has an unsatisfying ending. And lasts about 2 and half minutes.

Hippomothamus - Rage Against Florence and the Machine: Download [mp3]

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Facebook problem

So I accidentally had my facebook page set up to only allow people from the UK to be fans (whoops) so if you tried to add me PLEASE try again. Thanks.

Become a fan.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Valentines Day mix and Facebook

Attention ladies and gentleman I am your saviour.

As you may or may not know next Sunday is valentines day and I’ve created something a little special. One of the things I’ve always hoped to do with my music is show that not all hip-hop/rap is naughty words and violent situations. I decided I would put together a little mix CD with a collection of rap tracks (and some other samples) that show the softer side, specifically the appreciation of the fairer sex. To be honest I could of just of thrown together a bunch of tracks by LL Cool J and Common but I decided to dig a little deeper into my collection (although, there is two LL songs…) (coincidently as I write this I’m also watching a 30 Rock episode which stars Mr Smith)

So for guys I’ve created a CD, injected with my patented charm, which you can give to your special lady to show much you appreciate them. For single girls I’ve created a CD which, when listened to, will hopefully refill your confidence in us and make you feel like the princesses you are. We’re not all bastards, honest.

As well as the CD you can also download the “case” for it. Essentially it’s a design that fills a piece of paper that will keep your CD safe and looking good. Its based on this guide (which you will want to use). There is 4 different versions. Two have a background, two don’t (to save ink). One of each has the guide lines for folding correctly.

If you’d like to support this please feel free to throw a little money towards the British Heart Foundation. Everyone needs a heart.

I’ll also take this opportunity to mention that I’ve set up a facebook fan page. Feel free to join.

Thanks, and happy love day.


Drake - Best I Ever Had
Wale - Pretty Girls Ft. Gucci Mane And Weensey
Kano - Boys Love Girls
LL Cool J - Luv U Better
Teriyaki Boyz - Sweet Girl (feat. Dondria)
LL Cool J - Hush (feat. Aurelius)
Snoop Dogg - Beautiful (feat. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson)
Pharrell - Frontin' (feat. Jay-Z)


Hippomothamus - Valentines Mix 2010 (Music files): Download [zip]

Hippomothamus - Valentines Mix 2010 (Printable cover) Case: Download [zip]

Hippomothamus - Valentines Mix 2010 + Case: Download [torrent]

Update 1: I forgot to add a torrent link to it

Update 2: Dont forget if you do plan on burning the CD remember to not put in the 4 second gaps some CD burning software wants to put in.