Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Q: Who would be crazy enough to make dmx dance to Alphabeat?

A: Hippomothamus

Ever since I started playing around with putting videos to my music I wanted to remix these 2 songs, mainly due to the fact alphabeat clearly stole the video idea for fascination from busta's touch it (remix)

This was the first time using premiere pro that I actually did some things. Normally I just go in, slap the 2 vids together, and upload it. This involved some lovely cropping and some nicely timed cuts between the two videos. The remix its self is pretty poor. Especially dmx's part, how ever he makes up for it with his dancing at 4:15. It's also making use of the lovely new widescreen feature on youtube, a feature I've yet to use (mainly because I couldn't crop my other videos).

Peep it below, or watch here and get it in lovely widescreen and stuffs.

Hippomothamus - Touch it (Remix) / Fascination (Busta Rhymes / Alphabeat mash): Download [mp3]

[edit: URL for download fixed]


  1. just stumbled here searching for chubby chasers music. i don't know much about mixing, but to me all your stuff sounds really nice, and i'll be following your blog man :D.

  2. How can I download this mashup...fucking awesome.

  3. Sorry, finally got round to fixing the link. About a year late....