Sunday, 22 January 2012

This is why I love Twitter

Just a little update. Still no music. I'm sorry. How every, I got a little excited about something that happened on twitter earlier.

I wrote a tweet to Ricky Gervais and he happened to retweet it. From this came lots of retweets and replies (mostly to him, but with my name in the tweet too). It got a bit much and I was tempted to turn off my phone until it all passed. But whilst scrolling through all the replies one jumped out at me. This one, by a user named Peter Cornish-Barlow. It reads "I started following because I have one of your mash-up's on my iPod and its aces. Didn't realise you were on Twitter!". Oh, by the way, the guys owns a record label. And has my music on his iPod. That made me happy.

That is all. I'm sorry I've wasted your time.