Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix) [mp3]

Well after many request for me to release the mp3 for my 99 problems/wonderwall remix I've finally decided to do it. I'd rather of waited until the cd was finished but it seems people want it so much they'd use a crappy youtube-to-mp3 coverter to get the track and I'd rather have you listening to a high quality version, so here you go.

Jay-Z - 99 problems (Oasis remix): Download [mp3]


  1. how else can i download? i cant seem 2 do it

  2. Your bad ass...nuff said.

  3. Your mix is pure genius! Keep up the good work! accounting - computer science ;) thanks for the d/l - it'll be on the ipod drive to work playlist for awhile! So thanks for making my day better.