Monday, 10 March 2008

Muck Ficrosoft

I knew it....

So I recently bought an xbox 360 off ebay for £300 with 7 games. I was going to hold out a few more months as I was only really waiting for gta IV to drop. I also thought it would be best to wait in case there was a price drop, but I figured there probably wouldn't be. Plus I had some money burning in my pocket. So I bought one. imagine my delight as I'm on the digg home page and I see the title Confirmed: Xbox 360 Price-Cut, Now Cheaper Than Wii. Awesome.

Meh, at least its made the past few weeks rather enjoyable. I'm currently playing skate and burnout the most. If you want to beat me at either of them feel free to add me. My gamertag is, surprisingly, hippomothamus. Incidental, I just finished an on-line session on burnout and found enjoyment in 2 guys (Canadians, I believe) trying to pronounce my name. On one of the races I won one of them even made reference to me being a "Hungry Hungry Hippo"