Friday, 30 December 2011

Hippomothamus 2011 Mix

I uploaded this to my soundcloud account but I receieved the following email

Our automatic content protection system has detected that your upload "2011 Mix" may contain content that is owned or licensed by Roc-A-Fella (JAY Z, Ni**as In Paris).
As a result, we have paused the upload of your audio for the time being.

So I've just uploaded it to hulkshare instead.

 Read the tracklist/description below.


My first "live" mix. I've been meaning to do a "live" DJ set, and record it, for a while now and figured a 2011 mix would be the best opportunity to do it.

I didnt really plan it to much, just went through my iTunes looking for songs I enjoyed/played a lot this year. After I finished I realised I missed a few out. It was all done using the iPhone app "DJay".

I took the finished file in to soundforge and cleaned up some big mistakes but I left little ones. So there is some sketchy pitch areas and some not so fantastic mixing. But thats what I would expect from my first attempt. Track list is as follows

Ni**as In Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye West
All Of The Lights (Remix) - Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean
Headlines - Drake
I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey
Good Girls Go Bad - Game feat. Drake
Wands - The Midnight Beast
Bonfire - Childish Gambino
Black And Yellow - Wiz Khalifa Feat. Juicy J, Snoop Dogg & T-Pain
(Was meant to put Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks around here too....but I guess I forgot)
Lord Knows - Drake feat. Rick Ross
I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island Feat. Akon
(I Was also meant to put Lil Wayne 6 foot 7 in here)
Fastlane - Royce Da 5'9" & Eminem
Too Many Rappers [New Reactionaries Version - Beastie Boys Featuring Nas
Otis    - Jay-Z & Kanye West Feat. Otis Redding
Young Wild And Free - Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Feat. Bruno Mars
WhiteGirlProblems - Hoodie Allen
Ghetto Dreams - Common feat. Nas
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Bangladesh Remix) - Beastie Boys feat. Santigold
Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX remix) - Adele feat. Childish Gambino

Friday, 21 October 2011

Just a little remix for a contest

Entered a little remix contest for RJD2's new project "Icebird". Didn't really add anything, just moved the original parts around, really. Sounds alright. Zero intention of actualling winning anything. All the other remixers worked hard on theirs. Play it below.

I enjoy using soundcloud to host my stuff. Tempted to migrate a lot of my music over there.

Icebird - Charmed Life (Hippomothamus Remix) by Hippomothamus

Monday, 10 January 2011

Linkin Park - Catalyst (Hippomothamus Remix)

I made this song a while back when Linkin Park first announced the contest and I never really liked it. It stayed dormant on my hard drive like so many other songs. I was going through my old stuff to let my girlfriend listen to it. She didn't really understand at first that it was me that had remixed what she had just heard and upon learning told me I should upload it. It also gave me a good excuse to create and test out a account.

I'm not really sure this counts as a "remix" as such. But I'm not sure what it IS. The original can be heard here. They released the parts of the song on their myspace before the song was actually released so it made it hard to know what the original was meant to sound like. They also didn't put in the synthy bit thats in the original. Unfortunately.

Also, happy New Year. I hope that me putting this out will encourage me to make more music this year.

Catalyst (Linkin Park Remix) by Hippomothamus