Thursday, 25 September 2008

My new reckoner remix

So radiohead released all the separate parts that make up the song reckoner for people to remix. So I did. I only used parts from the song. No other drums and samples etc. All radiohead.

I think I delved deep into my soul and found my inner DJ Shadow for this one.

You can hear and vote for it below. I don't actually win anything, but the website ranks them by votes so if you enjoy it feel free to hit the little plus sign. Thanks.

Note: This has no connection to my rhyming in rainbows mixtape.

Hippomothamus - Reckoner (Radiohead Remix): Download [mp3]


  1. I quite like this, which is handy because I don't much like the original Radiohead tune. My only small criticism would be that it ends too abruptly (I like a nice fade-out), but apart from that, very nice.

  2. By the way, it's hard to find your remix on that Radiohead site to vote for it. Do you have its ID?

  3. Yep. Its here

    But you can click the "+ vote" button on this page anyway :)

  4. Ah, thanks. I haven't actually got Flash installed, so I couldn't see it on the page. Cheers.