Monday, 27 July 2009

Wow. I won that mega mix comp. Also, Jay-Z listens to me (maybe)

This is going to be a small 2 part blog

First I'm quite shocked and happy to say I was a runner up in acapellas4u's mega mix contest that I blogged about here. Here's what the CutUpBoys had to say about it:

Absolutely brilliant. Balances gracefully on the line between cool and fun. You're still smiling at the Spongebob kick off as you get into a consistently headnodding sequence of tracks that all flow nicely into each other whilst being interesting and never letting go of the groove. The acapellas and samples sew everything together really nicely. The production is nice and tight and tidy and the arrangement never feels rushed or boring. Great party mix.

Preview/download here

It earned me $250 to spend at What should I buy?

Thanks to acapellas4u and the CutUpBoys

Now for the second part. So I was listening to Zane Lowes radio show on BBC Radio 1 last week when he interviewed Jay-Z. Zane played a remix of 99 problems with Wonderwall (not mine) and asked Jay if he had heard it. He said no but said he had heard another version of it. Now although I wasn't the only one to do this remix a little bit of me would like to think it was mine he had heard. Especially since its such a popular result on google achieving not 1, but 3, results on the first page when searching "99 problems wonderwall" :)

If you haven't heard mine check it here


  1. Totally agree w what was said! Love it :D Knew every single song. Take it as a compliment. Agree w you about the first part being the best! Let's hope Jay-Z listens to this one too ;P

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